Final session – lost in translation?

[Posted 10.18 am Saturday 30 October, Nagoya time]

COP 10 has ended and it goes down as the most challenging COP ever. Whether it was worth all the battles and emotions, I am sure time will tell. But this was the most politicised COP.

The final session did not start till 11pm [on 29 October] and still tension was high because of the package deal.

Since the COP is over, we can say Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) was technically adopted. However, because of translation, GSPC was DOC L19 [one of the negotiated texts], the COP president adopted [another of the negotiated texts] L29 twice but not L19. Whether this was lost in translation or not, I am not sure. But David Cooper [from the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity] was on the podium [next to the COP President] and indicated it was adopted.

You see, the COP president was chairing in Japanese and documents were adopted in a random manner, so it was difficult for most people to know what was adopted. Everyone however was fighting for the Strategic Plan, ABS and Resource Mobilisation Strategy as a package and this is really what mattered to the floor. The rest of the 43 other papers were just adopted.

GSPC is adopted (but we need to check)!


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